John Waters Exhibit Opens in his hometown Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art

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John Waters Indecent Exposure Exibit Opens in Baltimore

By Jessi Kim/Patti Neumann


Baltimore’s very own transgressive filmmaker and huge personality, John Waters, best known for movies, Polyester (1981) and Hairspray (1988), has a new art show in his hometown. And, it is DIVINE! Waters showcases his library of work in a new art installation at his local museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA). Cleverly named, 'Indecent Exposure,' the exhibit showcases over 160 photographs, sculptures, video clips and other upclose and personal collections of the living icon. “Johns Waters: Indecent Exposure” is an assortment of artifacts from his childhood and career artworks he has acquired or created since early 1990s. Just like Waters’ films, the exhibit is a glimpse of John Water’s identity, focusing on LGBTQ, race, and poking fun at Hollywood Pop culture.


Walking through the BMA in a flower embroidered black suit, red suede shoes and iconic pencil line mustache, John Waters describes his exhibit to be “making fun” of all the things he did in his life. Each piece is a study of “irony” or “something ironic”. Perusing through, one would think “Why is this there?” and Waters’ answer would be “Why not?”

John Waters is funny, well, he is hilarious. And, he wants people to enjoy their time walking through the gallery space. One piece, titled 4377, has the entire frame swivel spin and another one if one leans a bit too close for a better look, water squirts out of it!



Be sure to expect a tribute to Divine, the late drag Queen performer, and close friend of Waters'. Waters, who gave the performer the name "Divine" and the tagline of "the most beautiful woman in the world, almost." is both a sculpture and DIY movie still photograph.









The Baltimore Museum of Art is located in the heart of Charles Village, close to Waters’ home and next to the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Though the Museum is free for all, the “John Waters: Indecent Exposure” exhibition is ticketed event:

BMA Members — Free

Adults — $15

Seniors (

65+) — $13

Groups (7 or More) — $12 (Call 443-573-1701)

Students (with ID) — $10

Youth 18 and under — $5


(Seen Left, Citypeek's Jessica Kim and John Waters)





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