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WJZ-TV Segment 10-31-2010- CITYPEEK, ceo,
Patti Neumann tells us the Best Places To Go in Baltimore



MPT- Channel 22-March 18, 2010-Your Money & Business by Charles Robinson-SOCIAL NETWORKING helping businesses make money on facebook and twitter great waterfront views as highlighted in SUN UNLEASHED-by Jill Rosen -7-09

Jewish Times Baltimore-Barabara Pash Q&A-5-09-interview ceo

Baltimore Business Journal-Social Networking-Facebook-Twitter Privacy: on Twitter, Facebook, Citypeek expertise


WBAL TV-Mario Armstrong talks about CITYPEEK and hospitality tech websites



by Dara Bunjon


PR WEB: CITYPEEK Goes 2.0-upgrades online hospitality site.


Maryland's SHERO Awards

10-15-07 SHERO AWARDS, Super Women of Maryland
SHERO Award won by CEO, Patti Neumann

10-20-07 Payday Loans - Pros and Cons

October 20, 2007 Online Loans Lender
Baltimore Restaurant Week w/CITYPEEK warms Baltimore!

Technology CEO's Cannot Live Without Baltimore Business Journal, 12/30/2005