Baltimore is finally going to the dogs--HOT DOGS that is!

Baltimore is finally going to the dogs--HOT DOGS that is. Caterer, local foodie and party planning executive, Daniel Raffel brings a new concept on an old American favorite, the hot dog. Haute Dog ~ Fabulous Franks on Falls by Daniel Raffel, owner of A la Carte Distinctive Catered Affairs, spins the humble hot dog into a whole new level.  Raffels' new venture is located on Falls Road just south of Lake Avenue right in front of the Bonjour Bakery Café, is putting on the “dog” with its gourmet wieners.  If you want a great hot dog – The Haute Dog Carte is the place for you.

“There is truly nothing better than a fabulous, well prepared hot dog with just the right toppings. The Haute Dog Carte takes this experience to a new level.  Also, what could be better than being just steps away from Bonjour – delicious dogs and decadent desserts?  It's a dream.” says Raffel. “Look for the magenta, orange & purple umbrella at Falls and Lake. We sold out yesterday!" he tells CIYPEEK.

What is a HAUTE DOG? The Haute Dog Signature Dog is a ¼ pound Berk’s certified Angus Beef hot dog finished with homemade tomato and onion jam, served on a grilled bun.  Every day, in addition to the HD Signature Dog there will be a variety of others like the Baltimore Dog (pork with Old Bay), the Binkert's Dog changes weekly and is produced locally by Binkerts' Sausage makers, the traditional beef dog, a tofu “pup” for the vegetarians. 

An exciting twist, every week a well known local chef will create the Chef Dog: Chef Christian deLutis, alizee bistro & wine bar, Chef Rayon Klum, Chef Gayle Brier of Bonjour, Chef Spike Gerjde of WOODBERRY KITCHEN and Sascha of SASCHA's are just a few of the acclaimed chefs that have signed on to create signature dogs. Perhaps they might like a social media marketer like myself --I do love all things truffles and fois gras!

Haute Dogs er, dogs are most reasonably priced from $2-$5. Note, some of the Chef Dog specials may be more-TBD. How about a Shrimp Dog with Summer Scampi Relish, The Chili Dog who touts the frank made of chili or an exotic venison Dog with juniper ketchup?)

The Haute Dog Carte plans three different styles of preparation; European steam, roller grill and charcoal grill. Two fabulous rolls will be served, the skewer toasted roll and traditional warm sliced roll. Each dog is paired with its ideal cooking method and bread combo. Harmonious sauce suggestions are offered with all dogs and guests can top their own dog with a myriad of sauces from the traditional to the exotic. Hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 – 2:30. The Haute Dog Carte is also available for fabulous events and private parties.

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Yum! Try the Old Bay dog!
Ok, I must admit - embarrassingly - that I had never heard of this miracle meat shop. But I will now have to check this little hidden gem out immediately - without hesitation. HAUTE DOG ME!!