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Since 2002, Based in the New York-Washington DC Corridor, that is our majority viewership of 70%. The rest are people looking to visit and sample and purchase local offerings.

CITYPEEK, the Mid-Atlantic region's most-popular online guide.                           

   Find best: restaurants, events, museums, hotels, news & reviews from NYC-DC & in between!

We are dedicated to finding the most reliable peek and scoops in town. Consistently our traffic numbers increase. We have a strong pulse for what is going on in town from DC-Maryland-Philly and NYC in between.

CITYPEEK is a 'peek' of the most reliable places in town to live like a local.

CITYPEEK receives thousands of page views daily.

CITYPEEK integrates social networking avenues for marketing on Twitter, Facebook FourSquare both on & off the website--broadening marketing opportunities for our clients.Search: CITYPEEK Patti

High traffic rankings: companies time after time show higher SEO rankings after being a featured listing on CITYPEEK. offers a wide range of advertising opportunities designed to help you build brand awareness and drive traffic to your business. Our geo- and destination-targeting capabilities enable you to reach the audience most   valuable to you. We have the ability to align your ads with specific content categories including Restaurants, Entertainment, Hotels and Lifestyle. has a valuable user base of:

  • Well-educated decision-makers ranging in age from 25–65
  • Individuals typically with discretionary income and fine taste                              
  • Enjoy dining out and buyers of quality products and services. 
  • Average 2.5 vacation travels/year
  • CITPYEEK Users primarily live in or traveling to major metropolitan areas both in the U.S. and internationally.


We offer a variety of advertising options, including:

  • Featured-Top-of-Page Picture-Listing
  • PEEK of The Week-E-mail & online blog placement                                                      
  • Standard IAB ad units on
  • Custom content & feature sponsorships                                                                                
  • Social Networking Marketing advertising

We have multiple opportunities to fit your budget and specific needs:

FEATURED Listing of Your Business-

Highlight YOUR BUSINESS on a City home page(s) with the following benefits:

Separate individual page with details, map, large description, web link, # and includes you on the directory pages as a highlighted name.

Users have the ability to post comments, reviews and you may post specials.

Featured listing on Main Category Page- limit to 30/category: 
Directory Listings- If your budget is more modest, for just $99/month- you will be listed on the directory with a link and phone number to your business.
$99/month (included in feature above w/ yellow highlights):
Banner Ad: 3 sizes to choose:
480 x 60 pixel Top-of-page ad from $450/month*
300x100 Pixel Side ads from $399/mo
 300 x 250 pixels  ad-sample:

Priced from $650/month*

*All Ad Prices Based on number of pages and # of cities needed.
CITY PEEK of the WEEK--e-Blasts/e-Newsletter Sponsorships & Blog Posts:
CITYPEEK BLOG Sponsor from 10,00000-30,000 dedicated emails.
Your business will receive thousands of targeted page views quickly!
bi-weekly targeted groups via industry and by state-high demographic --
and marketed to our facebook and twitter followers.
View Rate Avg 80%, typical open rate is 40%
 'This e-news is sponsored by Your logo and link with a powerful sentence about your business or place in an ad.'

Blasts are also posted as blogs and have staying power as most refer back knowing that CITYPEEK is a proven, reliable choice of where to go to find the best in town and where the locals like to go.  

300x250 Banner Ad Sample on




















































 Stay ahead of the curve & have CITYPEEK mention you to 1000's of friends & followers on our social networking on sites like:Twitter & FacebookFourSquare & more.
CITYPEEK works with you in online marketing.

We use the various social avenues to your benefit driving traffic and sales !

We can help set your company up-complete integrated packages available.

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  • CITYPEEK Monthly Prizes & Gift Card Member Rewards

We reward our loyal CITYPEEK users, and 'Peekers' for their high-quality reviews and membership - FREE membership that is.

CITYPEEK teams up with some of the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues to offer the chance to win prizes, tickets, gift cards - just for reviewing and peeking.


For a media kit or to learn more about advertising with us, please contact us or 410-837-4930