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Social Media vs Print Advertising

Social Media  vs Print Advertising

Patti Neumann, CEO/Chief Social Thinker of Baltimore’s, can be reached at or CITYPEEK Patti on facebook/twitter/linkedIn/Instagram.


Instagram vs Vine, there is power in sharing a picture

Instagram, you have heard of it. The photo sharing site with 100 million plus users, that Facebook bought for $1 billon, right? Touted as the app that helps you “Capture and Share the World's Moments” Instagram is an easy, fast and fun way to share your real-time happenings with friends and family.

Social Media Marketing, when done properly, is like the perfect pot of soup

Social Media Marketing, when done properly, is like the perfect bowl of soup. You start with one ingredient, but when you mix in, patiently season and simmer, all of the flavors begin to integrate, meld, creating a successful, tasty pot of yumminess. Treat your media and marketing plan the same way.

Top 10 2009-Stories in social media, Twitter and Facebook stories, 2010 Predictions

Top 10 moments in social media 2009-what will 2010 bring? The business and culture of our digital lives-Gee, what change a year can bring! We switched from a treo-the Q, didn't like blackberry after testing the Palm Pre and finally settle into the most capable hands of the Apple iPhone! Even bought one for my Mom! ;-) AT&T is fine!

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