The Cloisters



<p>The Cloisters, nestled in Fort Tryon Park in the Northern area of New York City, is a hidden jewel of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The building itself is the art. It's composed of a collage of old Medieval European Cathedrals, cavernous chambers, and stained glass windows interspersed with beautiful gardens and tapestries. As you travel though the building, placards provide details of cultural and historical context for the architectural masterpieces--what they meant to the people at the time and why. Besides being an educational adventure, The Cloisters with leave you breathless from its beauty. I recommend visiting on a day when there is live music. The echoing through the hallways and courtyards will transport you to the 13th century. You can almost envision the monks reverently sketching away at Illuminations in the monastic corners of the chambers.</p>