Yountville 1870 Art Gallery features artists celebrating Wine Country

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My friend and I wandered around town the other day and I shared with her my love of 1870 Gallery. It was there I met Australian-born, artist in residence Peter Tillack who was painting a masterpiece which immediately sold (he has more to sell), that weekend. His  stylish, eclectic paintings are shaped by his unique life experiences and distinctive worldview. Originally trained as an electrician, Tillack chose to leave home in Australia for a short European surfing trip. His short trip turned in to 10 years of world travel, during which he learned about various cultures, and himself. His art is known as a philosophical symbolism.


Tillack’s best-known pieces commit oil to canvas, and depict deeply symbolic scenes, informed by his unique philosophy. An oft-depicted symbol is the couch, which he views as a representation of home, or “a place where you can kick back, relax and feel comfortable,” he shared. In many respects, his ethic is informed by his search for this metaphorical “couch.”


 Tillack discussed his use of symbolism, and his beliefs with us in his pieces show in the gallery. A Pete Tillack original is as original as Pete Tillack—his work is sure to be a show stopping, thought provoking addition to your collection.


Why Couches?


“There are a few reasons for love seats, chairs and sofas settings, the contradiction of their presence in unordinary circumstances, their symbol of relaxation, and one that is more personal to me. When I was near the end of my extensive traveling, I had said that once I found a place, ‘that place,’ I would buy a beautiful, comfortable couch – a symbol of home, relaxing, releasing of insecurities and being yourself,”


“As of today, I have yet to buy that couch. I realized that the representation I had bestowed on this particular home furnishing, were actually the traits that I searched for in myself no matter where I was, or what I was doing,” he continued.


Peter’s will be back at 1870 Gallery in October so be sure to visit the art gallery. 
The October show dates are: Friday - October 21st, Saturday - October 22nd and Sunday - October 25th from 12-5 PM.


Hyper-Realism, self-taught artist Eric Christensen is well-versed in Napa Valley wines and his work always has been a favorite of mine. He has been painting professionally in 1992 and since that time, Christensen has enjoyed amazing success and a growing reputation as a celebrated Wine Country Artist. 


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Gold Rush - Canvas Print
Gold Rush canvas print by Eric Christensen featuring Chardonnay wines by Grgich Hills Estate, Rombauer Vineyards, Far Niente and Peter Michael Winery.
Kassia shared, “Eric was discovered inside of our building and is currently known as one of the top wine artists in the country.  His hyper-realistic watercolor paintings go behind photorealism and he is also the only known watercolorist capable of hyperrealism through the use of standard watercolors.  He uses a self-taught dry brush technique.

Christensen’s “wine art” begins where most contemporary wine artists leave off. He loves to capture the romance of the wine country, which he points out, “is so much more than just the wine”. Christensen’s art typically portray varied themes, life-like landscapes and intimate still life paintings that incorporate a variety of elements including food, flowers or fruit with appropriate background settings.

Find Eric Christensen live, in-person on October 8th and 9th at 1870 Gallery.

 I also enjoyed a great conversation with the gallery owner, Paul Thoren. Gallery 1870 has always been a family owned and operated business.  Paul and his wife Kathy and their daughter, Gallery Director, Kassia Kilgore, have been running Gallery 1870 since 2005. They hope and pray to continue their run through the new ownership of Team Gary Jabara, as renovations are due to take place. I sure hope so, this art gallery is a true local treasure for wine country residents and attraction for tourists.


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