You Win Sum, You Dim Sum Brunch in Napa Valley

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New Brunch Find in downtown Napa Valley

You win sum, you dim sum  Napa Noodles is an Asian Pacific Rim-style restaurant that fuses the delicious taste of Asian noodles with Napa Valley cuisine. Specialties include house made noodles, savory soups, slow roasted meats, seasonal salads, duck, flavorful rice dishes, Asian beers, Sake, and local wines. Napa Noodles quickly became the locals' go-to for affordable Asian dining. After my trip to Tokyo, I became obsessed with their Tokyo Ramen, made with love, the broth cooks for hours and hours before reaching your bowl.


And now owners, Alli and Spencer Hallum have brought a whole new concept to the Napa brunch scene, Dim Sum. The word #dimsum comes from the Cantonese tim sam, "appetizer," or literally, "touch the heart and my first Dim Sun experience sure did! Every Saturday & Sunday experience an all-day (until 9pm) ‘Dim Sum Brunch’.


From the Brunch bai w egg, avocado, cheese and Fresno chiles in a boa  to Shrimp dumplings, vegetable spring rolls to pork & shrimp shumai mai (a type of dumpling) to shrimphar gau to steamed BBQ pork buns (fluffy, pillowy buns stuffed with sticky pork). Enjoy the pics on my Instagram starting with this photo and go asap, weekends only. The hotspot is partnering with Empress M restaurant for their Dim Sum Brunch. Great service by Ari and Mac!



This is fabulous spot for Napa locals, terrific for families, kids (think fruit smoothies!). Everything was delicious! This hotspot is definitely filling a void in downtown Napa! And, bring the kids!



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