What is The Best Glass For Whiskey Tasting

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One of the best loved drinks of all the time is whiskey. Not only it is your best companion when you are happy or sad, but it is also beneficial for your health. People may come and go,but our drink is there to stay. After all, what’s better way to cheer yourself up and let go of all the worries by drinking a glass of whiskey?


You may be surprised to know that, but drinking whiskey in right glassware helps to enhance the experience of consuming it. So, make sure that you don’t forget to get the special glasses to pour your fave drink whether it is a whisky, Bourbon, Scotch, or Rye


To help you, we have rounded up 5 types of glasses that are certainly the best and will boost up your experience.



1. The tumbler: The typical tumbler glasses have been ever used since whiskey came into picture. They have been renowned as the official glasses to relish this drink since a very long time. It can store a sizeable amount of the drink and still remains a popular choice of the people drinking whiskey.


It is a good glass to intermix different types of drinks, but can be used to consume neat whiskey as well. Though it is a very simple square shaped glass, it is certainly one of the best glasses to drink whiskey.



2. The rocks glass: In a mood of drinking some icy cold whiskey? The rocks glass is just the right for you. It is smaller than a tumbler, but is quite wide to allow the ingredients to intermix well with one another.


It can be used to drink anything from whiskey to cocktails. They are very classy, vibrant and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.



3. The glencairn glass: These glasses are shaped as tulips and are inspired by the Snifter glasses as they are similar to them. People usually use this glass to gulp small amounts of whiskey during meals.


It is bulging out at the bottom and has a narrow opening. They are considered the best glasses for drinking single malt whiskeys, scotch and single barrel bourbon. The narrow opening of the glass allows the aroma and the flavor of the whiskey to reach your nose, helping you to enjoy it in the best possible manner.


4. The snifter glass: Snifter glasses have a very modish design and are quite short in size. This makes them very effortless to handle. It has a very wide base and a tapering stem at the top which connects the bowl to the stem.


Usually, the supreme whiskeys are served in this glass. They are used at luxurious restaurants to serve whiskeys in a subtle manner. Not just whiskey, they are also used to enhance the experience of red and white wines as well. These glasses are also used to relish red and white wine as well.



5. The shot glass: You already know what a shot is, don’t you? It is best to consume little amounts of neat whiskey. As you consume only little amounts of the drink using it, you can refrain from wasting the drink too much.


Though these are some glasses that are considered the best for drinking whiskey, you can always try each one of them and see what works best for you.


By Ann Hawkins, Contributing Writer


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