Napa Valley Pop-Ups offer Lobster Feasts in Time for Easter

Easter weekend is coming up April 2-4 and CITYpeek has found a feast for you, your family and friends! Move over lamb and  Honey Baked ham, lobster is taking center stage on Napa Valley dining room tables. And, you are all invited. Choose between two wonderful options Menegon Catering DBA as Sorensen Catering, home of the original "Lobster King," John Sorensen and Napa Valley Lobster Company.


Menegon Catering

Tida Menegon and has been a veteran of the lobster feed and BBQ cateringworld for over 15-years, as has her wife, Courtney Menegon. Courtney is also a staple in Napa Valley, born and bred in St. Helena, her family owns Steves Hardware & Housewares in St. Helena, along with Menegon’s Ace Hardware in South Lake Tahoe. Each lobster feed to go includes the star, a whole 1.25 pound Maine lobster, (or 'lobsta, as the Mainers say) shrimp, a mix of organic vegetables and our special spices all boiled together to make a truly magnificent meal. I shared such a feast last summer by Menegon Caterering, with friends. It was amazing! And, a ton of food!


Each person will receive a fully cooked meal, for $65/meal, with choice for an additional lobster supplement  for $30.

See my video below from May 2020 during my pickup at Sorensen Catering.

    Fresh Maine Lobster: 1¼ lb
    Vegetables: ear of corn, one whole head garlic, one artichoke, red potato
    Louisiana Hot Links (All Beef)
    Fresh Rolls
    Drawn Butter
    Mayonnaise Packet
    Fresh Lemons
    Tony Chachere's creole seasoning packet
    Louisiana hot sauce
    Menegons homemade SMACKIN sauce


Reheating instructions provided.
Pickup at Steves Hardware back parking lot

This is a PICK UP ONLY event so be sure to pick up your order at your designated time slot.
Please park and walk up to pick up order and  remember to practice all COVID-19 protocols ie. wear a face mask and remain 6 feet apart.

"I’m excited to continue what I have been doing these past 15 years working for Sorensen Catering and to take on the DBA as Sorensen catering and carrying on the name while I continue to show you more about Menegon Catering. I would like to thank John Sorensen “the Lobster King” for always being a mentor to me and for his continued support and for introducing me to the lobster and culinary world. I would also like to thank Ines Chiarello for the last 15 years of friendship and support...NOW IT’S TIME TO SHINE! Napa Valley here comes your NUMBER ONE source for all your lobster needs," states Tida Menegon.


In addition to lobster boils the Menegon Catering team also has just purchsed a mobile rotisserie,which is still to be named and a contest is being planned for the rig. Chicken, trip tip, pig roasts, ribs, prime rib, lasagnas, roasted veggies and smoked meats and fish are menu items planned. Even lobster, you know, good ole Surf & Turf meals. The truck will be hitting the road  by theend of May. Find them on social media #MenegonCatering and help them choose a name and buy your lobster meal for Easter.Tell them CITYPEEK sent you.



Napa Valley Lobster Company


Using the tagline, "Sustainably harvested in Maine, Responsibly boiled in Napa,) Napa Valley Lobster Company is the newest Lobster Boil, they call "First Crack" pop-up. Prior to the pandemic, Ines Chierello, formerly of Keller's Market (referenced above) and a friend had been meeting at their new favorite place in Napa called Heritage Eats. When Ines met the husband and wife owners, Ben and Ali Koenig, the group immediately hit it off with their shared love of food, service, and common New Jersey roots. Their friendship grew over more meals and joyful conversations, but one visit in 2020 found Ines at a point where she thought her boils would be no more.

Photo Credit: Napa Valley Lobster Co.

COVID brought all catering to a screeching halt — and Ines was ready to throw in the towel, but Ben, Ali, and their General Manager Charles had other ideas.Inspired by her story and love for lobster boils, Ben and Ali asked to continue Ines’ life’s work, so long as she stayed involved. The combination of Ines’ insight and reputation with Ben and Ali’s versatility and ability successfully navigate the pandemic proved to be a force that would carry Ines’ lobster boil legacy well into the future.


With that, Napa Valley Lobster Co. was born, building off of the events that Ines made so popular while also introducing new ways for people to host southern lobster boils in their own backyard all over Northern California.

Napa Valley Lobster Company offers boils prepared for 2 at $125.


There are 3 "First Crack" Popup dates planned:

Napa, CA with Pick Up @ Heritage Eats
April 2nd & 3rd, 2021 (Easter Weekend)
Pre-Order Now

San Francisco, CA with Pick Up @ One Market Restaurant
April 16th & 17th, 2021
Pre-Order Starts 4/5 @ 9am

Danville, CA with Pick Up @ CPC
May 8th, 2021 (Mother’s Day Weekend)
Pre-Order Starts 4/26 @ 9am


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