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Ok, wine country, an exciting new attraction to the Bay Area, on Vallejo's Mare Island opens November 10, 2019. The new entertainment area is nestled on the Northern shores of the San Francisco (San Pablo) Bay in Vallejo, CA. - The Wet Mile, as it is labeled, satisfies fans of of both finely-crafted beverages, beer, wine and history. The Wet Mile, is just a 30 minute drive south from Napa's wine country, or 50 minute ferry ride from San Fransisco.


New breweries, wineries, and distilleries are moving into buildings formerly used for storing coal, housing officers, or hiding the Cold War’s secret documents. The former Captain’s row of houses now serve as the backdrop for numerous Hollywood movies. Brick buildings, the West’s first dry-docks, air raid bunkers and majestic cranes remain as they were built, and—along with the local museum—reveal the rich history and contribution to the nation of this incredible shipyard.


The Wet Mile consists of new breweries, wineries, distilleries and artists that have moved into historical buildings formerly used for storing coal, housing officers, or hiding some the Cold War’s most secret documents. Inaugural Wet Mile businesses include:






Founded in 1854 as the first naval base on the West Coast and closed in 1996, after 142 years of ship-building legacy, Mare Island is four square miles of former naval shipyard buildings, workshops, waterfront promenades, homes, and parks, all in varying stages of redevelopment. The island got its name in 1835 when a crude ferry transporting men and livestock capsized in a squall; among the livestock feared lost in the wreckage was the prized white mare of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, the Mexican Comandante for Northern California (and namesake of the town). Several days later, General Vallejo's mare was found on the island—having swum ashore—and the name “Mare Island” was born.


The Wet Mile has special Sunday hours to appeal to all for visits are underway. Did someone say #SundayFunday?


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