Chef Gordon Ramsey Suprises Baltimore Culinary Student's in Hell's Kitchen

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Chef Gordon Ramsey Suprises Baltimore Culinary Student's Competition

by Jessica Kim, Citypeek


Think of having a celebrity you’ve idolized be the judge of your best talent? That’s what four culinary students from Stratford University-Baltimore experienced when Chef Gordon Ramsay walked out of the kitchen door surprising everyone in the room.


On Friday afternoon, a Hell’s Kitchen style Cooking Competition was held at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Horseshoe Casino. Hell's Kitchen is the hit culinary competition, where the chefs are put through rigorous culinary challenges – reaping high stakes rewards and punishments. The contestants, Baltimore students, were competing for kitchen supplies and this Spring 2020 semester’s tuition reimbursement. The task at hand: Cooking up the best appetizer using the ingredients from a mystery box, all within a half a hour.

Photo by (Jessica Kim)


The contest emcee and first judge, Chef Christina Wilson (also a former winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 10), now executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Burger in Las Vegas, laid down the rules and narrated each skillset as she walked station to station. A non-kitchen expert, but renowned judge was Steve Koch of Baltimore RAVENS NFL football team. When Chef Wilson called the end of the clock, all three judges sat down to begin the tastings. 


Even more surprising, Chef Ramsay did not portray his Hell's fury when he tasted each dish. Rather, he took notes and gave each student compliments and constructive criticism. His reactions were what we've seen when he's judging kids' competing on TV.


After four dishes, Zachariah Eidelman won the competition with his creation of scallops, goat cheese and raspberry reduction. Eidelman is receiving $5,000 in tuition reimbursement as well as $1,000 worth of kitchen tools. For his dish, the ultimate prize is a job offer upon graduation to work at Gordon Ramsay Steak. Other contestants received signed copies of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking books. 


However, no visit from Chef Ramsay comes without a cooking demo. With the help of Baltimore Ravens Punter Sam Koch as his sous chef, Chef Ramsay seared the "Ravens" steak and we learn that it's "best served medium rare".  


If visiting Charm City, the winning appetizer and Ravens steak is now available and added to the Gordon Ramsay Steak Menu. 


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