International Film Festival at the Capital

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The Warehouse
3720 Hickory Avenue
Washington, DC
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 9:00pm

Types: Fair/Festival
Phone: (410) 532-7138

Whether experienced in movie theaters, on DVDs or television in our homes, on our iPods or computers, films are the major communications media of our time. Hollywood films dominate commercial cinema. However, scores of talented filmmakers around the globe produce thousands of quality films that speak with a different voice, provide a different point of view, and tell different stories. Presenting these films in the nation's capital is the purpose of Filmfest DC.

The dc film festival has two special focuses this year - Politics & Film and New Latin American Cinema. Obviously, politics is especially prominent during this election season and we wanted to explore the role affairs of state play in people's every day lives. Latin American filmmakers are always a treasure trove of inventive storytelling. The diverse selection of new work we have gathered from the Spanish-speaking world (including Spain) are moving, humorous and insightful.