The Franklin

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The Franklin Institute
222 N 20th St, Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Types: Art-Gallery, Museums
Hours: 9:30AM - 5:00PM - Sunday through Saturday
Phone: (215) 448-1200

Today, The Franklin Institute is a vibrant 21st-Century organization that continues to offer new and exciting access to science and technology in ways that would both amaze and delight Mister Benjamin Franklin. The Institute has become a dynamic agent of change through its rich array of internationally recognized exhibitions and programs, lectures and discussions themed to illuminate issues in contemporary science, community outreach initiatives particularly targeted to girls and to urban youth, and its series of innovative partnerships in public education. The Franklin Institute's universal appeal is reflected in the diversity of its audience—from world famous working scientists to involved citizens of any age; from elementary school through university level students; from inner city to suburban families. All are drawn here by a common interest in science and technology.