Food Rescue US Coming to Baltimore, now in DC, partners with ZipCar

Food Rescue US Coming to Baltimore, now in DC


Ever thrown away food, maybe an apple or vegetable was a wee bit overripe. Perhaps you are moving and cleaning out your pantry. Doesn’t it make you feel guilty, thinking how you could have fed others with your wastefulness? Feeding America Map the Gap study proves you are not alone, documenting that “more than 50 million Americans are food insecure. More than 40 billion meals are wasted a year.”


 Enter, Food Rescue US, a national organization committed to ending American food insecurity by transferring fresh, usable food, food that would have otherwise been tossed in trash, directly from grocery stores, restaurants, and other food industry sources, to food insecure families throughout the USA. Currently, Food Rescue US is hard at work coordinating efforts to get its Baltimore operations off the ground. Food Rescue US is already operating in DC and is heading into Baltimore market. When Food Rescue US launches there. From whatever angle you can assist, food rescuers, volunteer or recipient agencies, there is an organization in place to work with providers. Using the app available, onapple or android platforms, it will connect users either as a food rescuer or a food donor to start helping feed our hungry less fortunate neighbors.




Baltimore and DC markets have partnered with Zipcar, the world's largest car sharing and car club service. This will providing a path to action for those without cars, so everyone can play a part in ending hunger in their communities. Hopefully hotels, restaurants and grocers will start using this useful tool to help end hunger in the USA.


Currently Food Rescue Us operates in:
Fairfield County, CT
New Haven, CT
Northwest, CT
Washington, D.C.
Columbus, OH
Notre Dame, IN
Cincinnati, OH
New Orleans, LA
Albuquerque, NM

Coming Soon: Baltimore, MD

by Patti Neumann-special edition published 3/2018, Baltimore Style Magazine


Patti Neumann is Founder of Sip & Swirl Society & Publisher of, an award-winning food & wine blog.

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