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It is a fact, I love rose. After 5 years on the #RoseAllDay bandwagon, I recently strayed off the traditional Provencal path and was introduced to a worthy Italian wine from GRACI's Vini dell'Etna. I fell fast into my glass of Graci's Rosato. It's pale salmon color looks similar to a Provencal rose, but the depth of flavor stands alone.

Want to get swept away in a glass, read on.


The winemakers at Graci, led by young Alberto Graci, let the land dictate how the wines will taste and use only sustainable practices. They simply refer to Mother Nature to define their wines, all native to the Mt Etna DOC. The grapes used in the rose, aka rosato, are 100% Nerello Mascalese – indigenous to the area. The Graci estate is located on the Northern slope of Mount Etna at Passopisciaro, an area where viticulture goes back several thousand years. Graci winery produces only traditional varietals of Sicily's Mt Etna. It is certified organic.


Vincenzo DiPino, Wine Manager at 101 Deli Bar in Baltimore Maryland shared his enthusiasm stating "I've always been really fascinated with the wines of Mt Etna. Not only is it crazy that they grow 2000 plus feet up, but stylistically they are made with a lot of care for the grapes and really express where they come from. I really enjoy this current 2016 vintage of Graci Rosato because the fruit is delicate but fresh, its kind of smoky and salty and it has plenty of acidity compliments our menu items like charcuterie obviously, but also some heartier sandwiches with more fat. Try it especially with the feeling ducky sandwich."


There are 2 growing areas for the Graci wines, Arcuria and Barbabecchi. For the rose and purposes of this discussion, I am focused on the former terroir.

Photo: Graci Wines


Arcurìa is a single property at the heart of the Etna DOC measuring 25 hectares – at an altitude of between 600 and 660 metres. 18 hectares are currently planted to vines. Nerello Mascalese occupies 15 hectares, Carricante 1.5 and Catarratto 1.0. In part of the vineyard, the vines are spaced 80 centimetres apart in the rows and 2 metres between rows. The other part is ungrafted ‘alberello’ (bush vines) planted 1 metre apart, giving a total density of 10,000 per hectare.


The Graci's Rosato is an elegant, harmony of ripe, red berries and a soft saline finish. The terroir from which is is grown is sandy, black and dark brown, of volcanic origin, rich in iron and nitrogen. Retail price range around: $26.


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