The Legacy of Everton Toffee, Sweet Toffee Snack

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It was over 250 years ago, in 1753, when a young lady, Molly Busell, secretly created a sweet concoction based on the flavor of a couph drop, in her village of Everton, England.  She used an open air boiler that curious neighbors began sampling her goods. Her craft recipe became so popular that the likes of Queen Victoria and author, Charles Dickens were regular customers, and, of course, the entire Everton Village. And slowly, all of England adopted the toffee treat as their own symbolic candy.


Fast forward to 2017, Everton Toffee is continuing to produce small craft batches of toffee candy and also, delightful toffee-laced pretzel treats. Flavors like sweet and salty, original toffee, butter pecan and toasted cashew treats made my mouth water. The price per bag, seen left, is a reasonable $5.  And, if you can drag your fingers away from the snack, reseal for a sweet nibble later.


Cheers to this toffee talk.


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