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Leading up to the Presidential election in November 2016, when it looked like a USA woman was finally going to break through the glass ceiling, the Hillary Clinton fans, known as Pantsuit Nation, were bursting with excitement and hope. Women, and many men,  around the country were enthusiastic and hopeful that their own little girls would see the world with equality, on an even playing field. Then came the stunning door slam on the dream.


Meg Murray was no different. While crying her eyes out, Ms. Murray's 5 year old daughter, Matilda, put her arm around her mother, patting her back, and asked, "How old do I have to be to run for President?"  And, she quickly asked her parents to vote for her when she runs for president. A light went off in Ms. Murray head, Matilda said "when can I run," not IF I can run.  That is when Nasty Woman Wines, of McMinnville, Oregon, was born.


"NASTY WOMAN WINES was launched that very day and the project was executed by the crowdsourced talents of some amazing Nasty Women and men who champion the Nasty Woman," states Ms. Murray. She calls her wines "unapologetically tasty." I can attest, I sampled the Pantsuit Pinot Noir. It is a delightful, traditional pinot from Oregon. Light violet in color, well balanced in fruit, with a velvety smooth finish. Sells for $25.

In addition to pinot noir, the Nasty Woman Wine collection includes the following:

Wine Club Special Release: Inaugural Pave The Way Chardonnay Willamette Valley $30.
Not your everyday Chardonnay. This wine balances depth and complexity of fruit with a rounded edge and a kiss of oak. She is clear and well-spoken, easy to understand and firm in her beliefs.

Represent Red-This wine has a voice. Its beautiful aroma of blackberries and cocoa will delight. Its rich, dark fruit will make you stop and listen carefully. She will move you to action. Now, this is a wine, with a purpose.


Progress Pink, a rose bursting with feminism. $15.


Coming soon: Boss Lady Bubbles and Pave The Way Chardonnay.


NASTY WOMAN WINES is committed to creating progressive wines that help get women to the table as leaders and tastemakers. When you sip and swirl, remember the vision behind the label. "20% of our net profits will be donated to organizations and causes that help drive our mission. We’ve broken a lot of barriers in the last 50 years, but we have so much more work to do...we have selected The Women In Public Service Project as one of our donation recipients," she details on the company website.


There is a wine club, which gives a portion of every sale to a charity supporting the mission. Named #Get Nasty Wine Club.

Three bottles of unapologetically tasty wines shipped to you four times a year*
-10% off all your wine purchases
-At least one limited production wine per shipment, released to wine club members first!
​​-Flat rate ground ​shipping on club shipments. Add up to nine additional bottles to your club shipment with no additional ground shipping charge.**
-Shipment fee $80 - $99 each (includes shipping)
-50% off ground shipping on 6 bottles or more anytime.

Now, get thirsty!


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