Spotluck is Revolutionizing Dining Discounts & Choices

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Spotluck, an innovative dining app/platform, is revolutionizing the way diners find and save money, at local restaurants. It also helps vocalize support of the service and staff, which helps the restaurant and its staff. I learned of Spotluck, first-hand, when I was dining at a Baltimore, MD restaurant, Marie Louise Bistro, On our table was a table tent that said, download an app, get an automatic discount. I got an immediate 15% off, just for the effort. A Win-Win.


Launched in June 2014, with eight restaurant partners, in Bethesda, Maryland, it has blossomed, now working with close to 1000 locally-owned restaurants, bars, even fast casual venues from Baltimore to Northern Virginia, Philadelphia-wide and parts of New Jersey.


"Each of our major markets has quickly taken onto the idea. Restaurants appreciate the smart discounts and users enjoy the unique spin. We currently work with nearly 1,000 restaurants and will be expanding up the East Coast soon," states Brad Sayler, Spotluck's COO/CFO in an email with CITYPEEK's Patti Neumann.

Spotluck’s restaurant partners enjoy exposure to new guests, yield management tools to drive business during slow periods, customizable solutions for communicating with app users, and actionable data to better understand their business,' states Spotluck website.


Spotluck users 'spin-the-wheel' and choices of geo-targeted LOCALLY-owned restaurant partners come up. The platform promotes, eating and saving at local mom & pops, no chains are involved to date. Quite simple to use: sign up, here, use code CITYPEEK and get an additional spin. Then, choose your spot, put in your code, I received 15%, showed my waiter and voila. The discounts range from 10-25% and change as table demand at venues fluctuate. Users can take one spin per day.

"It is an app that helps market us and helps with our overall brand awareness. We love it" Chef Jirat of My Thai Baltimore.


Spotluck waitstaff gets attention and monetary benefits for positive reviws. After the meal is paid for with code giving discount, the app asked for a review of the restaurant and I raved about the waiter. Turns out, the app helps call out excellent service. If you mention your waitstaff, they get some sort of reward from the team at Spotluck. A bartender, Mike, at a Forno Baltimore, told me and he loves spotluck, for this reason.


Remember, use code CITYPEEK, for an extra $ spin when you download.


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