Washington DC New Coffeetable Book-Little Square Picture Book is a Monumental Success

Washington, DC is one of the most photogenic and photographed cities in the world. And, photographers worldwide have snapped pictures. Famed Washington, DC photographer Jake McGuire, is one such shutterbug who recently added a gorgeous, gift-sized, coffee-table book on the District of Columbia to his offerings. ‘Washington, D.C. A Little Square Picture Book' is a 6x6 inch, soft-bound–and light weight, gift-sized coffee-table book with his favorite images of the Nation's Capital. Single book price is $19.99 but he offers generous quantity discounts on quantity orders.


With the Washington, DC book, McGuire has a total of seven coffee-table books in print all available on www.dcjakemcguire.com. Timely for the holiday gift-giving season, VIP guests and tourist destinations, McGuire newest creation highlights the town he knows so well, Washington DC. And, it is his first undertaking after jumping into the publishing business for himself, leaving the big publishers behind.

"I knew the book would sell if I got samples in the right hands," says McGuire,  He started by printing a small batch of 200 sample books, entitled Washington D.C., a Little Square Picture Book, and sent them out to what he thought would be key DC audiences including the DC Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Yvonne King, one of the DC CVB's top executives promptly replied  "If you can put our logo on it, we'll take 400!"


​All the best, Mr. McGuire! Connect with him directly to buy a book: www.dcjakemcguire.com


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