Rack House Bakers are Baking and Infusing Local w Sagamore Rye

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Buy local, support local, eat local and now bake local with Rack House Bakers.

Rack House Bakers prides itself on infusing its baked goods with Maryland products. Their mission is to "make foods better by infusing it with their home state brands and flavors. The latest is a spirit infused whiskey cake made with Sagamore Rye. The cake is glazed with locally made honey by Dean Ayers, in Phoenix, Maryland, spiked with and cake infused with Baltimore, Maryand based, Sagamore Spirit Company, Sagamore Rye.

"We are delighted at the recption people are giving our products," says Jason Schwinabart,  Director of Sales and Marketing. "They have turned out to make terrific presents for VIP business partners," he continued.


They sell 8" ($40),  3" whiskey cakes ($12.50), box of 15 'bite-size' whiskey cakes ($15) and spiked honey straws ($1.50). The newest products a coffee cheesecake, bacon jam and peach preserves are said to be 'coming soon.' Buy the items online and in a number of specialty food stores, sprinkled around Maryland, like Rooster & Hen Store, Order and Chaos and Asseteague Island Surf Shop.


Rack House Bakers is the baby of Chefs Bobby Bassett and marketing and sales executive, Jason Schwinabart. The team lives by the mantra and hashtag 'Rack House Bakers— "We didn't invent food, we just #makefoodbetter!' More products planned.


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