Raw Spice- Spice of the Month via Raw Spice Bar delivered to your home.

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Spice of the Month Club by Raw Spice Bar Here is a terrific Holiday Idea for the cook in your life: Monthly Spice Kits with freshly gound spices and flavor kits delivered to your home and to family and friends. Developed by Sarah, the concept is new and deliciously inventful. Each month, club members will receive  a new taste sensation inspired by some part of the world along with flavor kits and recipe ideas.


In an email, the company tells CITYPEEK, "We, at Raw Spice Bar, pride ourselves on the quality and purity of the ingredients used in each of our spice blends. Our flavor pouches contain only the ingredients listed on each blend with no added fillers such as MSG, yeast or yeast extract, animal products, salt, rice, sugar or flour. We also source all of our spices whole and organic. The best part is that our spice blends are suitable for creating recipes that are friendly for vegetarians, paleo and those with other dietary restrictions, as well."


Each spice is locally sourced, ground and blended by Raw Spice Bar

Each subscription box packet has 3 spice kits, each contains up to ten ingredients portioned for 3-4 plates, at about a Tablespoon each.

Each packet is freshly ground and globally inspired.

Cost is approximately $8/kit or $6 with a 12-month subscription.

RawSpiceBar: $5 off your first subscription or any 6 or 12 month gift order, code: RAKFLAVOR


Photo: December's month's featured recipe for Gingerbread pancakes made with proprietary gingerbread spices by Raw Spice Bar.They also suggest to use the blend in recipes like cakes, coffee, traditional german gingerbread cookies, granola or crispy, buttery baked nectarines. I topped my latte coffee with some. Mmm.


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