Terra's Kitchen Meal Kit is Fresh, Fast, Affordable & Code

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This week, I took a go at my first home-delivered, meal kit via Terra's Kitchen (TK). Similar to competitors like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Freshology, Freshly  and Green Chef, I decided to go with this TK, first, because I live "like a local" (citypeek's tagline) and the company is headquartered in my hometown, Baltimore, MD.


(Seen left: My final plated meal I made-Thai Chicken Salad)


'You Pick. We Prep. We Deliver. You Cook.' is their marketing motto at TK.   As long as you have salt, pepper, a mixing bowl and a few cooking tools, the process is seamless. I like to call Terra's kitchen 'Fresh. Fast. Affordable.'


The food arrives in a sanitized, reusable 'vessel' (seen below) which can be used 100 times. It houses multiple  drawers holding trays of various packaged ingredients, kept cold by cold packs. Meats, seafood and poultry are separated from produce and seasonings.

Additionally, the already prepped, sometimes, diced and chopped, veggies and herbs are packaged separately in recyclable containers. And they are Fresh! When possible, non-GMO products are used.

The vessel has a peel away return label, extremely simple. Peel back the label on the vessel that got the package to you and a prepaid label surfaces for postage paid return and reuse.

I chose to have 3 meals for 2 delivered. Delivery was scheduled, well documented and reminders sent via email.



The following pictorial describes my cooking experience of Thai Grilled Chicken Thigh Salad that I prepared, plated and devoured the meal (seen in the photo) were some of the freshest chicken thighs that I have ever tasted. Fast! The process, took 25 mins, under 30 minutes is the goal. The directions are simple to follow.


Chicken Prep-simple, added salt and pepper and heated the grill.




While chicken grilled, I prepped the salad. I was thrilled with the outcome, so pretty. (see 1st photo)


And, voila-the company has hired a partner (aka @grapefriend) to give wine, in this case, dry riesling, and beer (Brown Ale or Lager) pairing, but I went with a lovely sauvignon blanc.

TERRA's Kitchen Coupon: CITYPEEK30

What I really love is that the menu choices keep in line with my healthy, dietary preferences and even, motivate me to get creative in the kitchen. If this is interesting to you, please use my code CITYPEEK30 for $30 off your 1st order.




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