Uber Drivers now Deliver Food with UberEats, code for $10

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UBER, the American multinational online transportation network company that began in 2008 in San Francisco, California, has entered the competitive food delivery market with UBEReats. Working similarly to the driver transport servie, a customer, plugs in their city, signs up for an account and can order food dlivered by one of the companies drivers. Thousands of restaurants worldwide have taken advantage of this service.


UberEATS is available worldwide from San Francisco-New York, from Downtown DC-Baltimore-Paris and Miami and growing into the suburbs near you.

The transaction is completely transparent to all. The delivery average time is 30 minutes and works theis way:


Order dinner for $50 from you favorite spot in town

30% of the $50 fee, pretax, goes to UBEReats, 70% to restaurant.

$4.99 is the driver fee

Total Cost to Customer $54.99.


Get $10 off your first order-use code 'eats-ubercitypeek' and www.ubereats.com

Get Hungry  http://ubr.to/EatsGiveGet

Happy Dining,


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