&pizza expands from DC-Virginia and now opens in Baltimore

&pizza, the Washington DC areas unconventional craft pizza shop by Michael Lostoria (seen below, with CITYPEEK Founder, Patti Neumann and Baltimore City Councilman, Eric Costello), opens its first Baltimore location in Federal Hill.  Located at the new apartment building, called 1201 South Charles Street, on May 26, Baltimore represents the 15th location in the region for the private chain. 

Baltimore's &pizza will offer free pies for all on opening day, Thursday, May 26.







“It is our hope to not only become the neighborhood joint where people will want to dine, stay and play but also a partner dedicated to enriching the urban fabric of the community,” says Lastoria. “We are excited to be here and grow the tribe in Baltimore.


By the way, plan is to stay open til 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights!




Baltimore &pizza will be the launching pad of two new pies: the Pineapple Jack, a take on a Hawaiian pizza with salami, pineapple and housemade Cherry Bomb BBQ, and the Salad Pizza, a whole new category of pizza with cucumber, tomatoes, pickled red onion and ranch and a dehydrated cheese called moon cheese. Far out! Diners can also craft their own individual pie or choose from seven signature pizzas. Baked a 555 degrees, the flat pies take only 2 minutes to heat up.




Lastoria is a rebel, a non conformist and it shows in his work. He calls his company "an anti-establishment kind of establishment. A non chain, chain." Employees are called "tribesmen," teams are "a trib." In keeping with that, they have a novel, millenial-driven marketing idea:

Want a tattoo? The first five guests to request and get the shop’s signature ampersand tattoo will receive one free one, at the nearby Brightside Tattoo Shop, and free pizza for a year (one pizza/week for 52 weeks). As part of &pizza’s culture, all employees, called their “tribe,” can get the brand's signature ampersand, as a tattoo, free of charge. Over 50 employees have participated so far.



Need a sweet to wash down the delicious homemade bar-b-q sauce?  The newest location also brings dessert offerings from Milk Bar, the world renowned-bakery, founded by James Beard Pastry Chef, award-winner Christina Tosi and Momofuku’s David Chang in 2012. &pizza will be the first to carry Milk Bar cookies in Baltimore. I thoroughly enjoyed the dessert pizza that included peanut butter, bacon, jam, bananas and more.






Thirsty, the shop makes their own brand of sodas, teas and private label chardonnay and a red blend. Called W and R-get it? Simply, white and red @ $6 a glass, $32/bottle. Not served at all locations.


 Since 2012, &pizza has worked with more than 600 charities and causes.  Guests are always encouraged to visit andcharity.com and submit local causes.









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