Thanksgiving Meals in Ocean City, MD-gobble gobble

Thanksgiving Meals in Ocean City, MD-gobble gobble

Thanksgiving in Ocean City


28th St Pit & Pub                                         410-289-2020    

28th St. & Coastal Highway                                                              

Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet – Noon-6pm                                                                            


32 Palm (Hilton Suites)                                  410-289-2525            

32nd St. Oceanside                                                     

Thanksgiving Buffet – Seating 1-6pm                                                                                                         


BJ’S on the Water                                          410-524-7575

75th St. & Bay                                                             

Thanksgiving Dinner 11 am–10 pm                                                    

Entire menu 11 am – 1:30 am                             


Bonfire                                                          410-524-7171   

71st St. & Coastal Hwy.                                                                                                   

Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet Noon- 8pm                                                                                           Reservations strongly suggested.                                                                  


Captains Table (Courtyard by Marriott)         410-289-7192

15th St. & Boardwalk

Thanksgiving Day Buffet 1-8pm     

Reservations Recommended


Carousel Resort Hotel                                   410-524-1000

118th St. & Oceanfront    

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet                                                                                                    


Reservations required                                                                                   


Clarion Fountainebleau Hotel                      410-524-3535

101st St. Oceanfront

Horizons Oceanfront Restaurant- AUCE Buffet 1- 8 PM

Crystal Ballroom- AUCE Buffet Noon- 8 pm

Reservations suggested                                                                                  


Embers Restaurant                                       410-289-3322  

24th St & Coastal Hwy  

Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet – Open at 1pm                                                    

Reservations Suggested


Fager’s Island                                                410-524-5500

60th St. & Bay                                                                                                                             

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner: 1 pm – 8 pm                                                      

Alternative menu also available                                              


Harpoon Hannas                                           302-539-3095

Thanksgiving Feast

142nd & the Bay

Reservations Suggested


Hemingway’s at Coral Reef                          410-289-2612             

17th St. & Boardwalk (Holiday Inn & Suites)                                                                                          Traditional Thanksgiving dinner Hours: 1 pm– 6 pm                      

Reservations Suggested                         


Lighthouse Sound                                          410-352-5250

St. Martins Neck Rd.         

Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet Noon- 7 pm

Reservations Required


Peaky’s Rooftop                                            410-250-7663                                            

138th St. & Coastal Hwy.                                                                                                            

Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet-  Hours: Noon– 9 pm

Reservations Accepted                  


Princess Royale ~ Schooner’s                       410-524-7777                                                       

91st St. Oceanfront                                                                                                          

Thanksgiving Buffet-  Seating from 1 pm – 5 pm                                        

Turkey Takeout (Turkey dinner to go)                                               


Ropewalk Ocean City                                   410-524-1009

82nd St. & Bayside                                 

Open 12-8PM            


Victorian Room (Dunes Manor Hotel)           410-289-1100

28th St. & Oceanfront                                      

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner - Seatings 12pm, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

Reservations required                  


This is not a complete listing. Please add specials you know in the area, below.

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