The Modern Smore by Smorstix

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In honor of Summertime, where we seek the outdoor to play and even sleep in the open air, we are giving a special nod to the illustrious American dessert, the Smore.


The smore was first mentioned, in 1927, in the Girl Scouts of America manual 'Tramping & Trailing.' The recipe  names the dessert treat 'Some More," as you can't just eat one! Enter the 21 Century treat, SMORSTIX-the modern smore, one that helps the binge eater in all of us, satiates the sweet tooth. AND, the product is environmentally friendly! Thats right, you won't be tempted to or feel guilty about for eating half of the bag of marshmallows because SMORSTIX packaging is a deconstructed, individually wrapped version of the campfire treat. It allows, the user to choose how they want to enjoy their smore.  Each smore item, features the graham cracker, the marshmallow and the chocolate. Oh, the chocolate is a closely coveted, hand-crafted recipe.


SMORSTIX Co-Founder, Joe Cooper (seen above), who started the company with his wife, Erin in 1998, states "SMORSTIX was a homespun idea, created by a Dad and Mom, who love their kids and love the outdoors. We simply wanted our children to enjoy the outdoors and have fun roasting marshmallows." And boy were they onto something!


SMORSTIX 'stick' is an environmentally safe product. Made of 100% untreated white Birchwood, without any additives, the roasting stick's 30" length makes it user-friendly. Furthermore, it is free of dirt from a broken branch and you don't have to go searching for a loose stick to pop on the marshmallow.


"Trees and forests are left undisturbed which is a good lesson when teaching the kids to leave our forests the way we found them," continues Cooper.

The couple's business has blossomed, selling thousands to grocery stores, hotel gift shops, camp grounds and novelty shops around the country. And, did we mention thousands sold daily on Amazon! rocery chains like Giant Foods and online giants like Amazon and have made their way around the world, even being delivered to troops in Afghanistan! (see photo below).


There are a few options to try:



  • Package includes four ready-to-use Smorstix
  • Chocolates, marshmallows and graham crackers, all-individually wrapped.
  • 30-inch length keeps everyone a safe distance from the fire




  • Package includes two individually wrapped s'mores
  • Four graham crackers
  • Two premium chocolate bars
  • Two fresh marshmallows


Smornament-a festive smore for all ages and times of the year! Package includes

  • one individually wrapped s'more
  • Hang on the tree or attach to a gift
  • Kids love Smornaments
  • Great hostess gift or holiday party favor
  • Measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter
  • Measures four inches in diameter
  • AND, buy it on their website directly and stock your cabinets and look for it in specialty stores, hotels, camp grounds and more.

The have been featured on the Food Network Unwrapped and now, is on the smorstix trail!






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