World Malbec Day is April 17, 2015

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Hey Malbec fans, it is coming: World Malbec Day. The official 2015 date of World Malbec Day is April 17th, where wine drinkers around the globe pay homage French inspired and Argentina's most famous grape.


A little malbec history.

Malbec is the predominent grape in Argentina. This varietal originates from Southwest France, where it is called Cot. It features a hard, tannic style. Due to its intense color and dark hues, wines obtained from this variety were once called “the black wines of Cahors.” As per the Embassy of Argentina, the climate is described as 'extreme' with  average temperatures ranging from 24°C (75°F) to 11°C (51°F) in Buenos Aires (sea level) and Córdoba (420m/1270ft), and 24°C (75°F) to 8°C (46°F) in Mendoza (820 m/2484ft). Further in the south of the country, the weather is cooler, reaching freezing levels.


WHY APRIL 17TH? A bit of background and history of Malbec culture, as per, the Wines of Argentina:

By the end of the 19th century, viticulture experienced an exponential development in the hands of Italian and French immigrants, and so did Malbec, which adapted quickly to the varied terroirs offered by Argentina and developed even better than in France. Thus, Malbec came to be Argentina’s flagship variety. The efforts made by Pouget and Sarmiento for the Quinta Normal of Mendoza played a key role in that process. To Wines of Argentina, April 17th not only represents the transformation of Argentina’s wine industry, but it is also the starting point for the development of Malbec as the iconic variety and international flagship of Argentina’s viticulture.


I have had the distinct pleasure to meet one of Argentina's legendary wine families, the Zuccardis. The Argentinian based Zuccardi winery is a three generation busines,s with grand-daughter Julia Zuccardi and her brother, Sebastian, working along side of their father, Jose. Their Mendoza-based, family business started in 1963. Zuccardi wines demonstrate the classical taste that takes place when a great mixture of soil, altitude and weather meet. (Photo:Wines of Argentina)


An example of a truly outstanding Malbec their name 'Serie A,' which stands for "Argentina Series".  The wine is pure, 100% Malbec grape juice. The color is a deep purple intensity and showcases the multiple micro-climates and terroirs (soils) of its country. This wine highlights the richness and different microclimates and terroir (soil) of Argentinian Malbec from the Uco Valley. Its texture and flavor was an incredible smoothness in my mouth and aromas of summer fruit like ripe plum and black currantsand ripe dark cherry and a mix of chocolate notes and smells of plum and black currants. (I chose to share the taste with M&M's...the closest chocolates I could find!)


Another great winemaker, I have had the pleasure of meeting at a Wine Spectator Tour hails from Mendoza, Argentina, Anabelle Sielecki of Mendel Wines/Revancho Vinos. Annabelle tells CITYPEEK in an exclusive interview, "We are hard at work in today's Harvest in Mendoza. It's almost Mid April, our grapes are having good maturity, weather is a perfect sunny 75 degrees at noon. Hopefully we shall have great 2015 wines". She also states, "we choose the best lots from our old vineyards, and pay rigorous attention to every detail of the artisan winemaking process: from selecting parcels and picking grapes to fermentation in small tanks and aging wines in the finest French oak."   Photo Credit: Mendel Wines

Wine shops, wine lovers and businesses who support the homeland of Malbec, will be hosting events all over the world. We have learned that 70+ events, taking place in 64 cities of 50 countries around the world. Each malbec wine event will feature three short films selected by Wines of Argentina. The films are produced to get the audience better acquainted with the Argentine culture, and its dark-skinned, French-born grape that came to be the most famous in Argentina.

Buenos Aires April, 10th
Bogotá April, 16th
Lima April, 17th

New York April, 17th
London April, 17th
São Paulo April, 23th

Manitoba April, 27th
Mexico City April, 30th

The Argentine Embassy is hosting a Malbec World Day event in its headquarters in Washington, DC. In a walk around tasting format wineries will be exposed to the VIP’s including US government officials, dignitaries, press and trade from the tri-state area including Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. The event is by invitation only.


In the week coming, I will also be sipping and swirling soome of the following wines. Open to other suggestions. Email me

2013 Arido Mendoza Malbec $12

2013 Argento Mendoza Malbec $14

2013 Vistalba Corte C - Malbec blend $18

2011 Tomero Reserva Malbec $25

Santa Julia Reserva Malbec

Santa Julia + Malbec

Santa Julia Organica Malbec

Zuccardi Serie A Malbec

Zuccardi Q Malbec

Zuccardi Malamado Malbec Port Style

Zuccardi Tito

Zuccardi Zeta

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