Now You Can Pay Your Dinner Bill with OpenTable using your mobile phone

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Staying relevant and being the first, bringing the best to market is paramount in today’s fast-paced, mobile, I-want-it-now world. I call WWW the World WILD Web, as you never know what is going to pop up next. Now,


imagine, paying for your restaurant bill directly from your smart phone. As you may have seen, many forward-thinking restaurants are using tablets for searching menus items, ridding themselves of the printed menu. Opentable, the world’s largest provider for online restaurant bookings with over 15 million monthly reservations and about 20,000 USA members, is now offering a pilot program for mobile payments. After a small group launch in San Francisco this Winter, it is using New York as its first startup area.


The process is pretty simple. You sign up via Opentable for this pay-by-mobile option and input your payment information. When you book a table, of course the booking must go through the open table system, you can your reservation will be noted online with a special code. You can view your bill and order history on your phone, as you order real-time. It will also show, when you ask to pay, that you are enabled with the mobile payment system via your phone to the restaurant so. tip, pay and leave, without having to face the wait staff.

Note: If you have any trouble paying, you may have to ask your server to give you your table number. But voila, in the new age of immediacy and non face-toface contact, you can pay your tab without additional human contact.


Recently, Facebook has partnered with Opentable helping make their "pages" more relevant. " Using their mobile devices, people will be able to book tables via Facebook Pages for restaurants. The update represents a new way of discovering and booking great dining experiences, all within the Facebook mobile app. There's no need to visit a separate mobile site or open a separate app," the website states.

 Opentable is now offering mobile payments in New York, with plans to expand to 20 other cities at the end of 2014. Tip. Pay. Go.  Well, it does help save a tree.


(Photos courtesy of Opentable demo video.)


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