Stacy's Pita Chips: One of my favorite PEEKS

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A Peek of My Favorite Things: STACY's PITA CHIPS

I love them, salted or "simply naked" crunchy, ever so fresh. Then, there is the cinnamon sugar satiating my sweet tooth. Or as Stacy says, " pure cinnamon and milled cane sugar – meet the sturdy crunch of twice-baked pita"  They are fabulous!


And yes, there is a real Stacy who hit big time. So the story goes, a social worker named Stacy Madison and her partner Mark Andrus, a psychologist, founded Stacy’s Pita Chip Company in 1997. Both had a passion for good food and a commitment to healthy living. With a desire for a career in the food industry, but without the capital to open a restaurant, they began serving healthy sandwiches from a little sandwich cart in downtown Boston. Stacy baked up tasty, seasoned pita chips for customers waiting in line.  Before long, the pita chips became more popular than the sandwiches—and Stacy’s Pita Chip Company was born the original customers who lined up for blocks at Stacy's original sandwich cart in downtown Boston for her all natural sandwiches made on fresh pita bread.


To reward her loyal fans, Stacy served up incredibly delicious, seasoned pita chips while they waited in line.

Later on, she was brought on and purchased by Frito Lay! I doubt she is pushing a cart any longer! Great job.

Yes, this is a PEEK of one of my favorite things!  Patti Neumann, CITYPEEK


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