One of my favorite PEEKS: Cushman's Fruit Company-the HoneyBell

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One of my favorite PEEKS: Cushman's Fruit Company.

I know it must be Winter when I get 'that' catalogue; the one with the hard-to-resist, juicy oranges and grapefruits from South Florida. Having visited their shop in West Palm Beach, I savored fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit and other juices first-hand. DELICIOUS. Although this was before the family owned business, which began in 1945, was sold to the fruit-of-the-month behemoth Harry & David's, it is currently closed, but there are talks of it reopening. (source Palm Beach Post)


I just purchased a tray of grapefruit and honeybells. As the average temperature this month in my home state of Maryland is below 15 degrees.If there is one thing I crave in the winter is the juicy treat of a honeybell. The smell of the rind is second to the absolutely sweet, succulent juice that squirts into your mouth with every bite. Actually their company website for Cushman's Fruit is  A taste of sunny Florida is ever-so-welcome.


I really wanted to also try the key lime cookies, but they were sold out. Hope they might restock before my craving is satiated elsewhere.

Yes, this is a PEEK of one of my favorite things!

Patti Neumann, CITYPEEK

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