Spin the Bottle, Adult Style name, Terravant playful label wins awards

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What, I am playing Spin The Bottle? It has been a long time, but I plunged back in as the playful offer was a more adult approach. The game was a wine tasting. Immediately, I was struck by the creative design of the label which took me back to my sticker collection days. The label looks like, what we called back then, a "moveable," an animated label that changes as you move your eyes around it. The label on the bottle in the picture appears to actually spins before your eyes. The French artists might call is a Trompe de l'oiel!

When I researched it further, I learned that Spin The Bottle was a "GOLD MEDAL WINNER" San Francisco International Wine Competition 2013 LABEL COMPETITION. The wine maker is the innovative company called Terravant.


So, I went off to spin the bottle with my new friends, Chardonnay, Red Wine Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon and playfully sipped away. But SPIN THE BOTTLE Wines like to say that "they are not playing games when it comes to making wines." Their grapes are sourced select vineyards in the cool coastal wine regions of California.


CHARDONNAY-Fruit for the 2012 vintage of Spin The Bottle Chardonnay was grown in the cool central coast wine region of California. Due to the climate the grapes ripen slowly and evenly helping them develop bright varietal flavors and aromas. This Chardonnay is bright incolor and displays aromas of buttercups, freshly sliced sweet apples, with touches of toasty oak and brown sugar scents.  On the palate flavors are clean and balanced, with elegant notes of meyer lemon, more golden apples, and just a hint of wildflower honey.


2011 RED WINE BLEND-This wine was also grown in the California Central Coast exhibits a layered blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, The Red Wine Blend wine shows aromas of boysenberry with hints of leather, cedar and cigar tobacco. This would go well with a cheeseburger, steak sald with bleu cheese. The flavors hints of raspberry jam, chocolate and black pepper, with a faint echo of black tea on the long finish.


2011 CABERNET SAUVIGNON hosts flavors that a big and bold with flavors of black currant, dark chocolate and a bit oaky. This wine is suggested for steak night or some variety of beef.

The results of my Spin The Bottle experience was one of approachable, everyday drinking wines with a price tag of $12 price tag. Because of the frivolity of the name, it  offers a perfect wine to take to a party, for date night or to sip at home with that special someone.


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