Taharka Brothers dreams big, Kickstarting for Ice Cream Truck

A Baltimore-based business with philanthropic minds, TAHARKA BROTHERS needs 12,000 to reach their goal to get an ice cream truck they are trying to add to their business through a kickstarter campaign which has the goal of raising $28,000 by July 17th, as of today they have raised $17,597. They have 6 days to go. You can help the TAHARKA BROTHERS get activism onto wheels with a new ice cream truck! Let's bring the cold good stuff directly to the people. Now you have a great reason to put your money where your mouth is!

TAHARKA BROTHERS have a sizable presence in Baltimore due to their product being sold in over 60+ establishments, but their core message of empowerment is felt very little in the streets deep within hoods that need it most. They want to create a truck to enable them to take their message and cold goodness to block parties, political events, school dances, musical festivals, outdoor screenings and everything in between. The kickstarter funds will help them rehab a vehicle and turn it into a "vehicle for change" ice cream truck. They want to take their work of combining social change, community activism, and award-winning ice cream directly to the people in the streets of Baltimore.

Link to the TAHARKA BROTHERS Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/taharkabros/lets-get-the-taharka-brothers-ice-cream-truck-on-t


Back in '10 we were talking about the lack of job opportunities for young black men in Baltimore. We discussed the idea of owning our own business and paving our own path. We, repping various parts of a city steeped in struggle, thought hard about friends, families, futures, hopes, 'hoods and heroes. We asked ourselves some hard questions. Could we promote peace, social and economic justice to the people of Baltimore through starting our own business? Could we make a good living and have BIG fun? We thought on things that have inspired us like the election of the first black man to the White House and the sung and unsung human rights warriors who have made our world a more just place. We meditated on the struggles in the 'hood, the music that inspires us and the writers and poets that sustain us. And of course we contemplated food - good food - and those who go without. We believed we could create a little sumthin' that might, if done right, make a big difference (in a small way) in both our lives and the lives of others.

What did we come up with? TAHARKA BROTHERS Homemade Ice Creams and Sorbets, no doubt! 

We have developed flavors and names dedicated to the lives of "people power" change makers and artists who've used their talents to speak peace, love and justice to the world  -- social justice with a cherry on to

I have always admired and supported these fellows.

Hope you all will also. Good luck to you!


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