Smirnoff ICE® Peach Bellini toasts Spring and Summer Cocktail Lovers

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Summer is right around the corner and I had the opportunity to sample a new refreshing cocktail called Smirnoff ICE® Peach Bellini.  I took it to a family gathering and four of us sampled the product from one 11.2 ounce bottle and it quickly disappeared.  One of the most surprising notes is that the Smirnoff product is a "malt beverage" containing no vodka.


Pleasantly, we all agreed that the cocktail was a tasty, mouthful of peach with berry hints and a great combination of flavor, carbonation and easy-to-drink. The best thing is Smirnoff ICE® Peach Bellini is ready-to-drink right from the bottle. Chill it first or serve over ice.


Alcohol By Volume: 11.2 oz. with 5.8% (ABV).

This product has a limited availability now through September 2013.

Suggested Retail Price: 6-pack @ $7.99


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