Bar louie


Types: Gastro Pub

Bar Louie is better named Bar Lousy. I don't usually blog about eateries, but this place was so incredibly bad i had to speak up. Since it is near the Verizon Center, it gets tons of tourist business and folks on their way to events at the center. We started off with a fairly clean table...self seated. It took about 15 minutes for anyone to notice us, but finally the manager came by, apologized for the delay, and took our drink order. Great. Then i went tot the men's room. It was filthy, with the trash receptacle having been pulled from the wall and laying on the floor, spilling its contents over the sticky floor. The room smelled strongly of urine, but more of that later. I returned to the table, and perhaps 20 minutes later our drink order arrived, and we ordered our entrees at the same time. Maybe 20 or more minutes later our order arrived. It wasn't very good. I had fish and chips, which was over battered, leaving the interior of the concoction with a pasty mess of undercooked batter surrounding a very small piece of fish. The calamari was ok, but again, more batter than fish. My daughter had fish tacos, which were quite good. We unfortunately had a tough time enjoying that though, as each time someone left the men's room, the strong odor of urine followed. We decided to get out in time for our show, but could not get the attention of any of the 4 or 5 waitresses that kept passing by. We were studiously ignored by each and every one. Finally, our waitress showed up after about 25 minutes, apologized, and took our last order and drink request...with the check. It took another 15 - 20 minutes to get out of there. I'll never go back.