This little Wino-Bourbon lover went to Union Craft Brewery

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Today I am going to surprise you. I decided to go on a tour to help better my skills and knowledge and becoming a better 'rounded' spirit, hospitality marketer. That being said, I took a tour of the closest brewery to my home UNION CRAFT BREWING. Greeted by two of the three co-owners Adan Benesch and Jon Zerivitz (seen left to right with CITYPEEK's Patti Neumann in center) in the lobby aka Tasting Room, I started my educated jouney. I learned we all great up in the same part of town, Northwest Baltimore!


Union Craft Brewery opened in Baltimore's Woodberry neighborhood in the Summer of 2011 and is a burgeoning Freshman in the craft brew world. Currently, the 7200 square foot brewery sells a line of up to eleven (11) drafts, including ever-changing seasonal ales and some staples like Duckpin and Blackwing (Ravens & Orioles have black on wings). Also for sale are Growlers $17 for your 1st and $10 for refills and of course, kegs. About five fans came in for refills of their containers during my hour visit. One, a ntable TV Reporter refilling for a big night out with the boys.

I started my journey by tasting one of their staples, DUCKPIN PALE ALE; a Baltimore original. Who had duckpin bowling parties at Fairlanes? I did! This is a 'hoppy' beer that combines a citrus, grapefruity notes and flavors. I might call it a Sauvignon Blanc kind of beer! It is 5.3% ABV, 55 Bitterness (IBU), pale orange in color, Pale Ale-Wheat-Munich malt, American Ale yeast and a combination of Pacific Northwest and New Zealand hops.

Next I sipped the distinguished 2012 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner for German-Style Altbier, called BALT ALTBIER. This is a bigtime award, so kudos to the freshman!

Meaning Old Beer in German, Alt Bier is made in the old world style of German beermaking. A style that refers to a traditional brewing before yeast was discovered.

It is 5.6% ABV, 45 Bitterness (IBU), copper in color, German Alt yeast and a mix of hops and malt. Prost, Hon, we sang!

Seen left is the beer making partner Kevin Blodger and Adam Benesch in front of the alt tank.

I also enjoyed RYE-BABY IPA, suprisingly so, since it was quite 'hoppy.' But definitely reminicent of a sip of rye bourbon. 6.5% ABV, 78 Bitterness (IBU), pale orange color, Farmhouse Ale yeast and a mix of floor malted English Marris Otter and rye malts, along with Citra and Simcoe Hops.

The brewery is down-to-earth and aproachable. The 'working area' is gorgeous with stainless steel tanks serving as the main attraction.

No pomp and circumstance from the team, just lots of hops and barley. The Tasting Room is definitely hopping every Saturday 1-4PM where close to 300 people can be seen sipping, touring and buying growlers, t-shirts at the free Tasting Room Tour at the site of the brewery. Adiiferent area foodtruck is outside feeding all weekly. Tomorrow, look for the Gypsy Queen to serve. Try the mac n cheese cone. Mmm.

The address is 1700 Union Avenue. Seen left Jon and Adam, along with the popular, refillable growler. Kevin was busy brewing in the adjacent beer laboratory. Cheers all!


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