IMAGINE...An Evening of Conjuring, Mind Reading & Mirth by Magic Michael Kaminskas

Prestidigitator Michael Kaminskas presented a fun, and unforgettable evening of sleight of hand in his one man show titled IMAGINE...An Evening of Conjuring, Mind Reading & Mirth! I thought it would be a different way to spend a Friday night and it sure was.


The 90 minute show was held at the Four Seasons Baltimore on Thursday February 21 and Friday February 22nd; a very limited engagement after opening in November and December in Annapolis, Maryland to sold out audiences.


The cool thing about the show was how "Mike the Magician", as I like to call him, shared so many of the tricks in the trade. He stunned  the crowd with feats of mind reading.  Playing cards wowed us more as he did what many feel is impossible changing from one card to the next before our very eyes and coins vanished and reappeared  in the style of one of Michael's magical idols Mr. John Ramsay. 

More information about the show and future tickets in other cities like Annapolis and Philadelphia can be found at

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