UBER Luxury, the secret is out in Baltimore and DC and You are invited

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Baltimore is entering the world of UBER Limo On-Demand, luxury. Presently a hot choice among the yuppie, Wall Street and corporate world types, from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York to London, Baltimore is now on the map for the UBERlicious Limo Lap of Luxury. I have been invited to be among some UBER elite for a er, secret pre-launch. Since I have your attention, be the first to hear that Uber is now in Sacramento, CA and Singapore to make the total city count about 24 cities.

What is UBER? Uber is an on-demand car service that allows anyone to request a ride via mobile app, text message, or the web. Drivers arrive curbside in your choice of a taxi, SUV, limo or town car. in just minutes, you can track the arrival of your ride on your iPhone or Android, payment is cashless, and you'll receive a text message when your driver arrives.


 Sign up with a special CITYPEEK code, click: http://www.uber.com/invite/uberCITYPEEK

Just a few days ago, while passing through Washington, DC's Union Station, en route to catch a ride to my destination, I overheard two well-dressed, financial/lawyer types, you know the look, discussing sharing the UBER riders limo to their destination. I chimed in and asked how they like the service. The both happily described the service as extremely reliable, upscale and useful on both Coasts of the USA.

So, you may be wondering, “Why should I care about Uber in Baltimore?”

  • SUPER CONVENIENT:  Uber is enhancing the landscape of transportation in a serious way. Simply press a button on your phone, and wait for your luxury vehicle to pick you up. You don’t need cash, because your credit card is on file.
  • TRAVEL MADE EASY:  There’s no better way to travel around Charm City than with your own private driver just a click away. No more waiting in the cold for public transportation or cabs - now you can hop from one neighborhood to the next, and back, with ease!
  • JETSETTER COMPATIBLE:  You can use us in our over 23 other cities, whether flying to LA, cross-country to NYC, or hitting the international skies to Paris, UBER is there as you land in your next far flung destination.
  • FARE You can find the minimum fare for your city using the Uber app.

I am excited to have been chose for a secret Ubers have been invited to the pre-launch happening later this week where I expect to sample the ride.

You can download the Uber app on your iphone or driod so search using the code: http://www.uber.com/invite/uberCITYPEEK

Sign up with a special CITYPEEK code, click:  http://www.uber.com/invite/uberCITYPEEK


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