ONE-EYES MIKE'S HITTING an International milestone selling its 2000

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(Seen left OEM owner, Mike Maraziti and CITYPEEK Patti Neumann)

Congratulations ONE-EYED MIKE'S HITTING an International milestone selling its 2000 bottle of GRAND MARNIER! As written by us in the past, Baltimore, Maryland is home to the Star Spangled Banner, Ironman Cal Ripken, Under Armour, the best crab cakes and now, the sale of its 2000th Membership of Grand Marnier. Correct, ONE-EYED MIKE's the bar that sells more Grand Marnier than ANY other single unit venue in the WORLD!

Being among the oldest taverns in Fell’s Point, ONE-EYED MIKE'S is a great, neighborhood gathering place. It lends itself to be the perfect hangout for locals and it is a tourists’ dream come true for anyone wanting to go where the people of the area love to spend their time. CITYPEEK likes to call it the "Cheers Spot of Fells Point!"

My invitation from owner Michael Maraziti reads:

"Please join us to celebrate hitting 2000 members in The World’s First Grand Marnier Club. We will be hosting a Grand Celebration, Sunday, September 30th at Power Plant Live. Take part in the largest Grand Marnier Toast ever!! See attached flyer for details.

Tickets available at One-Eyed Mike’s or visit our website to purchase.

The first 1200 people to enter receive GM Gift Bag. Don’t wait to the last minute. Ticket price is $35 in advance, $45 the day of the party. A portion of the proceeds are being donated to the Tyanna Foundation (our folks from Breastfest). The event is open to both members and non-members (hopefully new members).

Must be 21 to attend.

Hope to see you there.


If interested to join the ONE-EYES MIKE'S Original GRAND MARNIER CLUB:

Cost = $175 to join and sip freely

(simply tip your bar tender who will delightfully pour for you),

$85 to renew (comes with your next bottle).

You also get your own bottle in your name reserved on the shelves in perpetuity and membership into an elite group of low-key food and wine lovers.

Now over 2000 bottles have been consumed to date at ONE EYES MIKE'S.

On an aside, I had the great pleasure to meet Ms. Alexandra during her recent visit to Baltimore, MD, home of ONE-EYED MIKE's, the bar that sells more Grand Marnier than ANY other single unit venue in the WORLD!  Ms Alexandra and her husband Baltimore, Maryland were in town for the International launch unveiling what is to become one of the world's most exclusive spirit products of ALL time, QUINTESSENCE.

This new Grand Marnier product, is double distilled in French oak is loaded with special grapes from Cognac, where Master Distiller, Patrick Raguenaud's family has rooted itself since 17th Century, It is both exclusive and expensive. Mme Alexandre connected with me and graciously invited me to her estate as a grand VIP. OH LA LA-

My trip video shares it all:


My arrival to the Colchagua Valley to the Lapostolle Vineyard Estate, known as Lapostolle Residences, a Relais & Chateau flagship since 2008, was nothing short of a budding oenophiles Cinderella experience. As I explained below, I met Madame Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle during her recent visit to Baltimore. She came to America to see and meet the people that helped build One Eyed Mike's, a pub and tavern in Baltimore, Maryland, as the leading single-unit venue of Grand Marnier than any spot of its type in the WORLD. At this location, in my beloved hometown, Mme. Marnier Lapostolle her team learned of my great love of her brand and exposure I had given on various avenues, personally invited me to be her guest at a private Cassita (MERLOT) Clos Apalta during my upcoming philanthropy visit to Chile. My adventure to the Garden of Eden was born.

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