The Oatmeal & J&D Foods launch of the world’s first Sriracha Popcorn

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CITYPEEK Patti just got word from The Oatmeal and J&D’s Foods announcing their partnership of the launch of the world’s first Sriracha Popcorn! Sriracha Popcorn is A crunchy firestorm for your face!  The chefs cooked this Rooster Sauce inspired popcorn using a special blend of red chilies, garlic, sugar and just a hint of vinegar to create a fiery explosion for your mouth.  If you cram enough of it into your face at once it becomes quite spicy, but if you pace yourself it's like a riverboat cruise through the jungles of dee-lish.

Both based in Seattle, The Oatmeal and J&D’s Foods teamed up for the first time to bring this innovative snack to fellow Sriracha addicts everywhere. You’re welcome.

The Oatmeal ( is a one-man comedy operation who believes in truth, beauty and chest hair.  Known for educating the world about the proper use of semi-colons, the NYT Best Selling book 5 Very Good Reasons Why To Punch A Dolphin in the Mouth and most recently for a viral charity campaign which raised over $200k to combat silly internet lawsuits.

J&D’s Foods ( are the World Leaders in Delicious responsible for products like Bacon Salt®, Baconnaise®, BaconPOP®, Bacon Croutons®, Bacon Crispy Bake™, baconlube®, Bacon Lip Balm® and even Bacon Coffins™. When they’re not making things taste like bacon, they liberally douse their foods in Sriracha.

Sriracha Popcorn is All Natural and available starting today for $5.99 + S&H at The Oatmeal or from J&D’s Foods


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