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Appreciate the Followers who Follow The Leader by Patti Neumann. Find & connect with "CITYPEEK Patti" on various Social Media Networks.

One of the top questions I receive on a daily basis is this, “How do I build my friends and follower base?” The key to the more you interact with your customers and the more they interact with you. Let’s also focus on the importance of a follower.


You can tell a lot about a leader by the actions of his or her followers. Fans and followers choose to follow and connect with your business because you offer something of interest. They think of you as an industry leader, perhaps a trendsetter. Trends have followers. They count on that leader not to stop. Yes, there can be power in numbers if used properly. People interested in someone, trends and  topics ‘fan’ or friend, comment and tweet and chime in with their thoughts, ideas and questions. You probably will get a response! Make sure your social media contacts are integrated into all of your marketing materials, print, business cards, table tents, elevator posters, blogs and websites. Make it easy for people to connect real-time.


A strong following base is important to driving change. True leaders have a knack of giving their fans value, don’t hog the limelight, share the stage. You both play an important role in driving change. More attention needs to be paid to the awesome followers out there. And hey, not everyone can, should be or even wants to be a leader. As always, quality connections are equally important. Take time to connect with industry influencers people that you rely on for knowledge and ones that do feel the same for your information.


You can gain important demographic knowledge and factoids to use in the real-time business world. Conduct polls, share ideas. All leaders need good followers. Followers understand the leader’s vision and can translate it to their work, their level. Followers ask questions. Leaders should also ask questions, even if you think you have the answer. Followers express their support to others. Followers do what is asked and volunteer for more. Followers share their ideas on how to make the vision work. Followers get stuff done.


Effective social media branding requires a unique voice and personality and of the various social platforms. Your business can one can leverage social media marketing like Facebook into Real Time, qualifying data, audience analysis and yes, even sales. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites typically give your business a free platform for promotion. So be consistent, interesting, engaging, generous and be available. Social media is the new real-time news like CNN. Use these powerful, worldwide reaching networks to gain notoriety, fan support and grow your business goals.


But most of all, be honest, appreciative and always be there for your fan base. What would you be without them? It is the worker behind that makes the worker ahead shine. In the words of Leonard Bernstein, “The most difficult instrument to play in the orchestra is second fiddle.”


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