Lyric Opera House

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140 West Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201

Types: Children/Kid-Friendly, Food and Drink, Live Music, Media Production, Performing Arts
Phone: (410) 685-5086

Lyric Opera House Baltimore Opera Theater By the early 1990's, the Lyric had a new identity - the Baltimore home of Broadway and opera. During the 1993-1994 season, 200 dates were utilized for the first time. The Lyric has also undergone several renovations and expansions. After a $14 million renovation that began in 1979, the Lyric reopened in 1982 as a major multipurpose venue, specializing in grand opera and Broadway style shows. A new entrance, lobby, seating arrangement, boiler room and backstage facilities were completed by the end of the decade. In 1997, a three story building was constructed that houses new stage level dressing rooms, a rehearsal room, new ticket offices, and administrative offices for the Baltimore Opera Company and the Lyric. Unfortunately, at the end of 2008 the Baltimore Opera Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Since then the Lyric has been making strides to continue bringing quality opera to Baltimore. The acoustics of the Lyric are world-renowned, and conductors and performers alike have attested to this fact from the beginning. Indeed, it is because of these unique acoustical qualities that so many people, over the years, were eager to renovate the Lyric. The Lyric's auditorium has been registered on the National Register of Historical Places since 1986. The exterior of the facility, however, remains free of the Register’s guidelines so modernization can continue without restriction. Not only is The Lyric a cultural and architectural landmark, it is a world landmark when judged in terms of its sound. Baltimore's Lyric Opera House has hosted a steady stream of great moments since 1894 and will continue to be the cultural and entertainment capital of the state of Maryland.