The Tiki Barge is open -sail on in and stay a while.

Tiki Barge at Craven's Key, Harborview Marina, Baltimore-by Kim Moore--seen below with Marty Bass, WJZ-TV.

Even in 90 degree Baltimore heat, there's always a breeze on the Barge. The Caribbean blue water in the pool that shines like diamonds in the sun is so tempting, but I've just got to make my way under the thatched roof where a fully stocked bar is awaiting me. Warmly greeted by the likes of Hanna, Kirstie, Katie and Britney, I am offered up my first "Hannarita", my name for the best Margarita I've had since days of Tio Gringo's in Ocean City.

With my Hannarita in hand, I make my way over to the drink rail to take in probably the best panoramic view of Baltimore. The place is comfortably packed on this early evening. The sunset has dyed the white clouds a warm color of tangerine which complements the glowing Domino Sugar sign faithfully watching over us. What's that? A pirate ship? I hear an "argh, Matey" coming from Capt. Jack Sparrow as he's buzzing the Urban Pirate Ship as it motors past the Tiki Barge. A perfectly cued Disney moment! Hungry yet? No problem. Burgers and hot dogs on grilled buns are there for sustenance. Plans for a full kitchen are in the making which will offer up a heartier menu.

Considering the Tiki Barge has only been open since Memorial Day weekend, they are doing famously. When I wake up in the morning and look out my window and see those palm trees swaying, I know it's going to be a good day! There are people in bathing suits, cover-ups, shorts and some in dresses with pearls, laughing and taking in the gorgeous sunset. The Tiki Barge is a place where everyone can be taken to their own personal eutopia. It's like going to the Caribbean without paying the airfare.

The Tiki Barge is open to the public daily from 11AM-11PM and 10AM-12AM on Saturday & Sunday. If you want to enjoy the pool, a nominal admission of $10 secures your chair and offers up a complimentary drink of your choice. If you wish to enjoy the bar, there is no admission fee. Parking is available along Key Highway as well as the parking lot adjacent to the Marina. I've been told the maximum daily charge on the lot is $15. You cannot get a ticket to the Caribbean for that price.

With a small investment of $25, you can be carried away to those tropical beaches of Caribbean blue waters, where the palm trees sway, grooving to the vibes of reggae music with a cold cocktail in your hand. After all, life is too short not to have an umbrella in your drink! Book your trip to the Tiki Barge at Craven's Key as soon as you can. For the cost of checked baggage, you can be transported to the Caribbean just steps from Key Highway.


Sounds like a perfect way to spend a 9/80 Friday :-) Margaritas anyone????
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I hit up Tiki Barge at the end of the summer season, around early September right after the pool had been closed. I was unimpressed with the drinks and even more unimpressed with the prices. I ordered a Dirty Banana, being that this is supposed to represent a tropical setting I was expecting a sweet creamy tropical delight that of the classic dirty banana I know and love. Instead what I got was a sloshy, concotion made from a brown mystery mixture that looked like it had been sifted right out of the bay. It was too sweet, and entirely too expensive for what I recieved(roughly $7 or $8), needless to say I couldn't finish it. My friends had the same experience with their beverages as well, so sadly the drinks were no a success on any front. However the view of the inner harbor and the other various docking locations along Baltimore's water edge was really beautiful at dusk. Go for the view, not the drinks.