Bobby Flay looks to expand restaurants in the area!

First we had a throw down with Baltimore's RODNEY HENRY of DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS PIES- Now, Bobby's Burger Palace is looking to expand in the Baltimore-Washington DC region! Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP) presents 10 signature burgers inspired by Chef Bobby Flay's extensive travels throughout America and love of the grill in a convenient casual setting. At Bobby's Burger Palace burgers may be prepared with ground turkey, chicken breast or served Topless, where the burger is simply stacked onto a bed of greens without the bun. Bobby suggests getting your burger "crunchified," which means to top any BBP burger with crisp potato chips

Chef Flay's real estate representatives are currently seeking locations in Washington, DC, Montgomery County and Northern VA. Number of Stores Bobby's Burger Palace hopes to open is 8-12 more Burger joints.

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