Baltimore HELEN'S GARDEN Chefs Challenge CHEFS vs CITY Team

Yesterday, somehow, in the broad daylight, the FOOD NETWORK had another fabulous stealth visit to Baltimore.  I was on the ACLEA Train from NYC and received a private call inviting me to the "friends & family" finish line event. I rushed home and to the finish line at the Inner Harbor to get you the scoop.

Chef vs CITY (Sundays EST 9 pm). CHEF VS CITY stars talented Chef team of Aarón Sánchez and Chris Cosentino who challenge two local foodies in an action-packed food adventure to locate that city's biggest, boldest, most unexpected food places.  And yes, Baltimore and the outskirts of  MARYLAND took center stage for this episode.

Yesterday's Chef/Co-owner Tom Looney and his Executive Chef, Annmarie Langton (seen left with CITYPEEK Patti with Chef vs City Host, Ethan) of Helen's Garden in Baltimore's Canton Square took the challenge. "I got a phone call a while back asking me to interview to be on the show out-of-the-blue, remarks Chef Annmarie, "it was the hardest and greatest thingI have ever done"  she said. I did not press her for any other details-but read on, we found some. Thank you for the invite Chef!

We hear, on the day's agenda, which began around 7:30 am, was both strawberry and crab picking--we expect the Baltimore Chef's to have picked a few crabs in their day- some sort of ice cream-making adventure, raviolipasta making at CINGHIALE (as per fellow foodie, Suzanne Loudermilk, who noticed the excitement while walking to her offices), a seafood (mussels) competition at BERTHA's we hear and multiple stops around the Maryland region. We are not allowed to reveal the exact 'where-abouts' so the agenda is broad-based as is who crossed the finish line first.

At 6:45 pm after scampering all over the state, Annmarie and Tom came charging in with their competitors down the corner of the BALTIMORE VISITORS CENTER and onto the HARBORPLACE PROMENADE in a sprint to the finish. At the finish, they had a post-interview and were surrounded by a handful of dear family and friends which included Annmarie's sister, Bonnie and brother-in-law, Steve.

BUT-alas, we are not able to reveal the winner. The show will air sometime in August 2010-stay tuned! Please post comments to Tom and Annmarie of HELEN'S GARDEN HERE

FYI- Chef Aarón is the owner and executive chef of restaurants Paladar and Centrico, both located in New York City. He also was a co-developer of the eatery Mixx, a part of the Borgata Hotel and Spa in Atlantic City. 

Chef Chris serves serving as Incanto Restaurants executive chef,  is co-creator of Boccalone, an artisanal salumeria. Additionally, his abiding passion for offal has led him to work on the definitive cookbook on the subject, aimed at providing essential instruction on the preparation of offal for both professional and home cooks.                                                                              

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I stumbled upon Food Network flags outside of Dominion Ice Cream in Charles Village and I immediately knew it was a Chefs vs City stop. I even took a pic and posted to my Facebook page! HAHA! How exciting!!! :)
Jenn-we thought we heard that too-GREAT catch! Keep in touch!