Juana Burrito takes to the street

Juana Burrito takes to the street in Baltimore, Maryland. We would like to welcome Juana Burrito the newest addition to the mobile food truck craze that is taking to the streets in a city near you. It was Juana’s second day on the road so we made the trek up to Hunt Valley on Friday and had the pleasure to talk with Brian Sacks about his creation and sample a few of the menu items. Visit Juana’s facebook fan page, and follow on twitter to take a look at their menu and see when they are in your area.

On our visit we had a burrito with chicken that used a lime marinade and is then grilled. Topped with onions, lettuce, monterrey jack cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo. Don’t stop there though, do yourself a favor and get a side of homemade chips and salsa which are also fantastic. The food, the service, and the presentation with mariachi band was all authentic, and very well done, which will surely make Juana a success. On our next visit we will try a torta which are also supposed to be quite yummy based on feedback we have been getting.

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by Andrew Harrison, andrew@citypeek.com CITYPEEK blogger