Inn at The Black Olive

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814 S. Bond Street
next to The Black Olive Restaurant
Baltimore, MD 21231
Rooms: 12
Phone: (410) 276-7141

The Inn at The Black Olive --The Black Olive Inn has been through several redesigns and we feel very proud of the final product.We will provide images of the construction process for those interested as we attempt to build a LEEDs Platinum Building which will be one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly in the world. Our Family looks forward to defining the Inn with our own unique vision of hospitality reminiscent of our hotel once upon a time in Constantinople.

Energy Efficient/Green Building Components include: Geothermal, Photovaltaic and Thermal Solar, Radiant Heated Floors, Natural Clay and Limestone coatings, Aerated Autoclaved Concrete, Green Roof/Restaurant Herb Garden, Rainwater collection, Energy and air monitoring systems, machine-room-less elevators, LED and FIberoptic lighting, Automated shade control, to name a few!

1st Floor - Gourmet Market

2nd,3rd,4th Floors- 12 Suite Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Floor 5- Rooftop Restaurant/Banquet Room