Magnolia Bakery - New York City

410 Bleecker Street
multiple locations
New York, MD 10014

Types: American, Desert Cafe, Carry Out
Phone: (212) 462-2572

Magnolia Bakery - New York City MAGNOLIA BAKERY with Manager Felipe. MAGNOLIA BAKERY is famous (made world-known by the Sarah Jessica Parker clan of SEX IN THE CITY. Did you guess that their most popular cake flavor is red velvet? There isn't an ounce of chocolate in it, but there is apple cider vinegar! When I asked a chef how many cupcakes they sell a day, she stated simply, 'thousands!' A most popular delight I sampled a spoonful of was their heavenly banana pudding. 'You haven't lived,' Felipe said, until you have some of Magnolia's banana pudding' OMG-yum!Magnolia Bakery | 401 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10014 | 200 Columbus Avenue New York, NY 10023  | 1240 Avenue of the Ams


<p>So, I have a love affair with anything sweet, which means I've tried a lot of tasty treats. And, as a desert connoisseur, I must say that the sugary goodness served at Magnolia Cafe is unbeatable. I first ate something from The Magnolia cafe when they were given to me as gift. I received a beautifully decorated box of vanilla cupcakes covered in sweet cream cheese frosting. I almost didn't want to open the box because the presentation was so perfect, but a girls gotta' do what a girls gotta do. The cake was not too sweet and the cream cheese frosting was rich and creamy. The experience was effortless and sinful. Ever since then, I make it a point to visit the bakery every time I go back up to New York. And, while I lived in the Big Apple, I dropped a pretty penny devouring everything from brownies to cookies and, of course, more cupcakes. It's hard to pin-point my favorite thing at The Magnolia Cafe, but the red velvet and pumpkin cupcakes are a must!</p>
Magnolia Bakery is coming to La-La-Land! Los Angeles. West Coasters are delighted at the news! CUPCAKES!
Report from Eater L.A., MAGNOLIA Cupcakes arrival is set for January 2010. The space is large and empty for the time being, with a few scant construction materials on the inside and light streaming in through large windows. You may want to mentally and physically prepare for braving those famous lines and contending with antsy cupcake connoisseurs in the new year. With the move outwest, we wonder, will they join in on L.A.'s food truck craze? Follow to find all mobile food trucks in NYC Most ordered cake: RED VELVET!
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