DC EMBASSY Dinners…a gastronomic tour of Washington’s embassies

JOIN US AT THE EMBASSY…a gastronomic tour of Washington’s embassies Going to an embassy is a rare opportunity to visit the country and meet some of its people without having to pack your bags. That’s because each embassy is a small piece of that nation’s sovereign territory. Once you step across the threshold you are literally on foreign soil.

In JOIN US AT THE EMBASSY you will get an inside look at some of the ambassadors’ personal entertaining styles, formal and informal embassy parties, and learn about the important holidays, festivals, and significant customs that are unique to each country. Each chapter is written like a cultural guide and culinary travelogue so that anyone can attend an embassy event or visit one of the featured countries and put their best foot forward. List Price:

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The countries included in the book are: Afghanistan, Austria, Chile, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, and Portugal. In JOIN US AT THE EMBASSY, you will find all sorts of fascinating tidbits on a range of topics such as:

* The proper way to greet any ambassador and their spouse * Colorful descriptions of embassy events * The story behind ancient festivals and holidays * National dishes and regional foods * Helpful tips about various wines from featured regions * Essential information on each country’s table manners and dining customs * The origins of cultural traditions Whether you’re going on safari in Kenya or have been invited to a private dinner at the Residence of His Excellency João de Vallera, Ambassador of Portugal–JOIN US AT THE EMBASSY will help make your visit and dining experiences more fun, informed, and carefree.

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