FOOD FIGHT- Local Reality Chef Contest begins in Baltimore!

With the onset popularity of TV Chef competitions like TOP CHEF, HELL'S KITCHEN and THROW DOWN with Bobby Flay to cooking with CHARM CITY CAKES or IRON CHEF comes another soon-to-be regional hit-- Welcome-The Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament taking place over 16 weeks with 32 Executive Chefs competing at Truffles Catering at the Belvedere Hotel in Mt Vernon. The event continues with week 6 tonight running Monday and Tuesday weekly through mid-September (not on July 4 and Labor Day) --doors open at 5. See Schedule

The brain-child of native Baltimorean, Erik Folkart, amateur chef touting 15 years work experience at Sysco Food Service, The Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament is geared to help the food industry during the down economy. Eric and his partner, sister-in-law, Karen Folkart have teamed to hold their own local chef competition at the historic Belvedere Hotel's Truffles Catering venue.  Attendees will be part of the judging process as each week, two chef's compete head to head for the title of Mason Dixon Master Chef!  This is a single elimination tournament, so if they lose once they're out of the running. Chefs apply online with "I want to compete" form.

The Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament showcases the Baltimore area's chefs and restaurants, as well as the Baltimore area in general, bring business in on traditionally slow nights of the week, expose chefs to unique specialty and gourmet product lines and equipment, and give restaurant suppliers direct access and exposure to some of the area's top chefs and restaurants.

Mason Dixon Master Chef Competing Chefs
Stephen Carey, Milan
Mark Ricker, Morsel
Shawn McClure, Ryleigh’s Oyster
James Rogers, Talara
Francisco Lopez, Federales
Brian Parks, The San Carlos & The Hop
Kenneth Plante, Red Star
Daniel Elardo, Zeffert & Gold Catering
Sarah Mogol, The Bountiful Experience
Aharon Denrich, Mr. Charles Mart & Catering
Timothy Dore, Truffle’s Catering at The Belvedere
Mark Dunaway, Canton Dockside
Chak Novak, Don’t Know Tavern
Thomas Friend, Skipjack’s Restaurant & Crab House
Bobby Varua, The Madhatter Restaurant Group
Will Boggs, Hunt Valley Golf and Country Club
Matthew Merkel, The Reserve
Antonios Minadakis, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood
Justin McGuann, The Dogwood
Adam Pierce, La Diablita Cantina
William Crouse, Slainte, Kooper’s Tavern, Woody’s Rum Bar and Island Grill
Brian Martin, Kali’s Court & Mezze
Jeff Keeney, Brighton Gardens of Columbia
Melissa Fordham, The Grill at The Harryman House
Dennis Friedman, Bezu
David Thomas, Coburn’s Tavern
Daniel Wecker, The Elkridge Furnace Inn
Marc Dixon, Bistro Blanc
Michael Ledesma, Lee Lynn’s
Jonathan Tucker, The Owl Bar
Jacob Raitt II, The Point in Fells

"And, while we're at it, let's donate some of the money to a local charity, so that we can have a direct positive impact on the Baltimore area, exclaims Karen Folkart, who chooses to partner with MOVEABLE FEAST. 10% of all proceeds goes to MOVEABLE FEAST, a local charity providing healthy food to late-stage patients of HIV AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Tickets can include a 4 course meal, served in the front row, and a vote. For tickets $55-$75 eand information CLICK.




Sounds like a great event! When does Federales open?
Can't wait to follow the results - Baltimore has some great restaurants and chefs. This is another great way to highlight our great city!
I've seen some press about these events. This looks like a great time--top chefs going head to head! I'd love to attend, when is it?
My name is Melissa Fordham and I am one of the chef winners from round one. I was on wjz this morning doing a piece on the competition and you can check it out on wjz website. So far I am the highest scoring chef in round one. This is a great tournament and very much like the real deal. I compete again on July 27th at the belvedere and encourage anyone who loves a good throw down to check it out. I am going up against William Crouse from Sotta Sopra which is the chef next in line high scoring points. May the best chef win!